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Hey! I'm Amy Downes: The Content Planning Wizard.

I help small business owners wave a magic wand
over their social media,

So they can spend less time on their phones


More time doing the things they love.

'I am so much more organised since everything Amy has taught me, her support definitely helps with social media overwhelm.'

Abi Fenton
Mental Health Therapist


Who Is The Wizard?

Amy Downes: The Content Planning Wizard is on a quest to help small business owners spread their magic online by waving a magic wand over their social media pages.

She’ll help you figure out the changes you need to make to: 

  • Transform your content

  • Grow your audience

  • Increase your engagement

  • Get more sales

She’ll instantly make planning your posts faster and less stressful, so you can spend less time on your phone and more time focusing on other areas of your business and your loved ones.

Magical Offerings From The Wizard


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'I don't have time to plan, I post on the fly and
when I have time.

During my Content Planning Power Hour with Amy,
we came up with many ideas together.

She went out of her way to make it easier for me and I'm on a roll now!'

Elize Endhart
Elysian Therapies


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