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The Magical Launch Campaign

Launch your new service with a campaign that creates excitement and attracts leads, so you can help more people and grow your business.

6-weeks of content and communications created, published and monitored on your behalf while you focus on the areas of your business that will make you more money. 

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It's time to let the 'Dumbledore of Social Media' wave her wand over your social media pages.

Do you find yourself putting lots of time and effort into social media, but not getting the reach and engagement you deserve?

Does social media feel like a total waste of your time? Time you know could be better spent on other areas of your business and your family?

Are you launching a new service soon that you know is going to make a difference to your clients, but have no idea how to make sure they know about it?

Is your to-do list for that launch completely overwhelming you, making you feel like you want to outsource content creation to an expert who knows what they're doing?

I've worked with so many clients just like you and I know exactly what you're feeling:

You're constantly running from A to B, working on your business here, doing the school run there, trying to squeeze some housework in between, so you just don't have the time to waste hours every day on social media.

You know that posting consistently is essential to grow your audience and get more leads, but you feel like you're posting aimlessly, not knowing what you should write and not getting engagement (Or - more importantly - bookings) on the content your do publish. 

You're about to launch a brand-new service that you love because you know it's going to make a difference to the lives of so many women... but you're nervous about putting it out there.

You've launched new things on social media before and tried to create excitement, but the people you know will benefit haven't responded or even seen your content.

It's made you compare yourself to others who provide similar services and you've noticed they've got a better response; you wish you could stand out like them.

It's made you feel self-conscious and scared, worried what you've created isn't good enough, that people don't actually want your help after all.

The Magical Campaign Launch is just what you need...

It's a complete content campaign to support the launch of your new service created by me, The Content Planning Wizard.

With 6-weeks of content, marketing and PR created specifically for your business you'll be able to make more impact and get more clients through your content, while you focus on helping them directly and developing your business.

I'll begin with an audit of your platforms, followed by a briefing call with you before creating a content strategy for your business going forward.

I'll then perfect your profiles, create compelling content and gather gorgeous graphics so we can tell the whole world how amazing you are and what a difference this new service is going to make to the world.

Not only will you be able to tick 'write social media posts' off your launch to-do list, you'll find yourself growing in excitement and confidence about your business, not to mention have more to spend on the parts of it that you actually enjoy doing and the parts that actually make money.

A clear content strategy is just what you need...

Despite creating engaging content for many clients as a social media manager, I used terribly inconsistent at posting for myself and my own business.

It meant I was struggling to be seen and struggling to show people exactly what I do, even my own parents didn't know how to explain my career to their friends and family!

So, when I launched as the Content Planning Wizard I committed to creating a clear social media strategy that would show the world what I could create for them and how their pages would look once I'd waved a wand over their pages.

Over time, I've found the best way to provide clear and consistent messaging is to device campaigns that would not only promote a service, but also spend time explaining my mission to my audience and help them get to know, like and trust me.

This September, I knew I wanted to run an activity that would help fellow service-based, mums in business build momentum on their accounts and in their groups after the inevitable drop in engagement over the summer.

I knew this was going to make a difference because it was a formula that had been tried and tested by myself and my clients, so I worked really hard at making sure it was jam-packed with helpful information.


Then came the next step... making sure the women I wanted to get that help were around to receive it.


I NEEDED them to see the event on social media and sign up for it.


So, I set about creating a promotional campaign that didn't just begin the week before it started, but actually over 6 weeks before.

By creating content relevant to the event which my ideal client would relate to, I was able to build relationships with them over the holidays so that they were already away of how I could help them.

The posts were so good that one lady joined my membership before I'd even 'officially' launched the Content Power Week!

Then, towards the end of August, I began to build up momentum, announcing what the event was going to cover and how people could book on.

I used social media to show my audience exactly:

- What change I could make to their life

- What they would get from the event

- What special offers I was running as part of the event

- And how much I was looking forward to working with them.

The campaign was such a success that over 70 people were signed up (a good number for online challenges at the moment) and during the week at least 50% of them engaged (with more contacting me afterwards to say they'd found the tasks helpful).

The wins don't stop there, 4 customers made bookings with me during the promotion campaign and several more have expressed an interest in joining my membership.

And, the event has allowed me to start conversations and grow relationships with even more women, who have seen how I can help them and want to know more.

It's an event I was truly proud of and I know the social media support was what made it such a success.








The Content Planning Wizard is just what you need...

This brand-new service is something I've been wanting to launch for a long time. 

I've worked really hard with my business coach to make sure it provides you with exactly what you need to make sure social media is better supporting your business goals.

It is the culmination of all the things I've learned during my 10+ years in journalism marketing and PR, it's pulling all my best skills together into one package, so I can help you make a difference for others.

Too often I have seen business women I admire waste all the hard work they've put into their service by launching it in a rush and without a plan. They just put it out into the world and pray people will notice - and then they're surprised when it doesn't work.

I want to stop this!

Planning and creativity come naturally to me and I want to be able to use that to help others focus on what comes naturally to them.

I have focused on the things I LOVE doing, so I know I'm not going to get bogged down in delivering the things I know haven't worked in the past.

I am excited by the idea of being able to deliver specific targets and achievements, so both my client and I will totally value the hard work I've put in, not least because they'll have felt the benefit of having more time freed up for themselves.

I want you to get the results you deserve for the time and energy you've put into your business. 

I want you to see your audience grow and get more engaged, sharing their excitement for your new service and rushing to get booked on. 

I want you to see how a well-planned and delivered campaign can help raise your brand awareness and help you compete with other businesses who are similar to you... but just aren't YOU.

But it's more than that...

I want you to feel capable and accomplished in the skills you have to offer the world and proud of this new service your showing them.

I want you to receive a positive and excited response when you launch your service, proving just how needed you are.

I want you to be able to help as many people as possible, by sharing your service with potential clients and giving you more time to spend on them.













Here's how the Magical Launch Campaign will work

This package will be available for you to book at any time of the year, but I ask that you do so at least two months before the launch date - to allow us the optimum amount of time to build up momentum.

The package can be applied to any new or current service, any event or celebration that you would like to tie into, and I am happy to chat with you to decide which of these works best for your business.

Initially, you will confirm via my website exactly what support you would like, I have the main package available (which provides all you need for a successful social media launch), but there are optional extras available to really create magic with your communications.

You will then book a 60-minute Zoom call at a time that is suitable for you where I can confirm all the details for your launch, find out more about your business and the service and clarify what additional materials you may be able to provide (e.g. images, logos, etc.) 

After our call, I will create a content strategy to explain my proposals for the campaign and carry out a social media audit on your platforms which will allow us to optimise your pages ahead of the campaign.

Once the strategy has been confirmed, I will create 6-weeks of content for your campaign which will commence 4 weeks before the launch date and continue for 2 weeks after.

We will have a weekly check-in via email, with option to book call if more discussion is required allowing us to respond to audience engagement, keep the information on social media up-to-date and adapt to any breaking news stories that might occur.


At the end of the campaign, I will provide a comprehensive campaign report, including suggestions on how to adapt future campaigns to ensure continued success which we will discuss during a 60-minute debrief call. And, you will have the opportunity to join my membership, free of charge, for continued support with your social media.

The Magical Launch Campaign package includes:


Briefing Call (worth £147)

Campaign Strategy

Social Media Audit (worth £27)

Account Administration

Content Planning

Copy Creation

Graphic Creation

Content Scheduling 

Campaign Report

De-Brief Call (worth £147)

All of this available at a total cost of £2447 


(Price will increase to £2997 in 2023)

(Initial down payment of £447 required, followed by two monthly installments of the remaining balance)



I am excited to share that there will be the option to select additional services too:

Account Setup

Press Release (including contacting media) 

Email Campaign

Landing Page

2 x Blogs



Outreach/ Engagement

Ads (Please note, this will be outsourced)

Got any questions?

I would love to chat with you about how we can wave a wand over your social media, cast the 'Lumos' spell over your spectacular new service and 'Engorgio' the number of bookings you get!


See the magic for yourself:

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