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The Content Planning Cauldron


Give your social media a boost by planning your content, 

getting consistent and making more connections for your business.


A bumper Content Planning session to nail your content strategy and give your social media a boost.

This workshop includes:
 ✨ Create your content plan for up to                       3 months.

✨ Brainstorm content with 'The Dumbledore        of Social Media'.

✨ Bespoke Workbook to help you create and         schedule the content after our session. 

✨ 3 x Monthly Content Planner (complete               with awareness days that have been                   handpicked and verified for you, by me)

✨ 'Check-In' call after the session to provide           accountability and additional support.

✨ You'll also have the opportunity to ask me          any questions you have about social                    media.


There are three ways you can join me for this session:

✨ A four hour training, planning and
working session in Leeds city centre in            the first week of July (date TBC).

Book Here

✨ A 90-minute training, planning and
      optional co-working session online
 in the            second week of July (date TBC).
Book Here

✨ A 60-minute recording of the training                  provided by Friday 19th July.

Book Here

More details provided below, or click the links to book now.


Training, Planning & Co-Working

I am so excited to be holding an in-person planning event for the fifth time, after some amazing feedback from the women who attended my Content Cauldron workshops in 2022 and 2023.

They left my workshop not only with a detailed content plan for the next three months, but also loads of confidence to get them showing up online consistently.

Here's how the session works:

 Due to take place at the 'Knowledge Exchange', a fantastic co-working space at Leeds Beckett University, at the Rose Bowl building right near Millennium Square.

 We will begin at 10 am with a training session from me that will provide you with the tools you need to plan content for a large amount of time. And we'll work through each step together.

✨ As part of that training, we will work together to create a content plan for the whole of the summer, and you'll have 3 x monthly planner PDFs, plus a handy workbook, to help with this.

✨ We'll have a small break for lunch and then in the afternoon, you'll get some feedback from me on your plan and we'll start to create and schedule the posts you've mapped out.

✨ Leeds is a fantastic city for photo opportunities, so when we know what images you need we also have the option of heading out and getting some pics for your content.

 The main bulk of the work will be done between 10 am and 2 pm, so you can leave in time for the school run. But for those who don't need to rush off, we can continue to create content until 4pm.

With six hours dedicated planning your content AND an expert on hand, imagine how much we're going to be able to get done and how much difference that will make for you in the coming months as we build up for the long summer holidays!

On top of all this, you'll have the chance to spend the day working with fellow mums in business, bouncing ideas off each other and lifting each other up to feel motivated and excited about the direction our businesses are going.

So don't delay, bagsie your space today:

Book Here

If you're unable to make this location, date or time...

You can join me for a 90-minute online session online, so you too can get your content sorted for up to three months.

As above, the online version also includes the 3 monthly-planner PDFs, workbook and, of course, the chance to ask me any questions you might have.

And we'll end the session by making a start on creating content using my batch creating techniques.

My 60-minute monthly planning workshops (worth £47) had great feedback last year, with lots of clients telling me they've made a huge difference when it comes to their social media.

It's mind-blowing to think how much we'll get done in twice the time!

Book Here

And finally, you can complete the planning in your own time.

If your diary is chocka-block and you need to do this training on your own time, I'll be releasing a pre-recorded video of the training on Monday 29th April.

The online version also includes the 3 monthly-planner PDFs, workbook and you'll have the opportunity to book a free 15-minute call to ask any questions you have after you've watched it.

Book Here

I really hope you can join me for one of these sessions,

so I can help you get consistent and make connections,

plus save you precious time and energy on social media.

That way, you can have more hours to focus on your business,

and of course your family, instead!

How I've been making magic happen...

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