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Social Media Content Planning
For Mums In Business

'As someone who hates social media, but sees its value for my business, my Content Planning Power Hour with Amy gave me clarity and focus. I was so inspired, I now have enough motivational quotes prepared for about a year. I was even inspired to do a live!'
Helen Willoughby, Bytchmix Cocktails


Who Is The Wizard?

My clients have the tools to create their posts themselves. 

But they need a nudge in the right direction.

A helping hand to guide them along the way.

And someone to say – ‘it’s okay, you’re doing a great job.’

For years I was working for large companies, trying to find my way through life.


Never really enjoying my work, never really using the skills I knew I had.


I spent over a decade working in journalism, marketing and PR, before finally getting a job in the corporate world which I thought was secure.

Then, having just found out I was pregnant with my eldest son, Harry, I was made redundant - it completely turned my world upside down.


To lose that security felt disastrous, I was terrified about getting back into work, about having to start my career from scratch, and finding flexible working that fitted around Harry's childcare.

Then a friend saw an advert for a freelance job in Leeds, to become a social media manager for a PR agency, with just a few hours a week (to begin with) that would work around my family.


I loved this new world of working for myself and being able to dictate my working hours, it allowed me to do something I love, while also spending time with the people I love.


Eventually, after 4 years of working with a huge variety of clients (as well as having a second child, buying a house, and getting married), I invested in this life I was enjoying so much by launching myself as The Content Planning Wizard...


As a busy working mum, I know you have an amazing story to tell, but you struggle to find the time to share it.


I know that because it’s a battle I have every day.

Even while writing this I’ve had to take a break to deal with, let’s just say, a ‘toilet-related’ accident.


It’s not just the lack of time, though, the thought of putting yourself out there in front of strangers every day is cringe-worthy, to say the least.


Often, my clients have the tools to create their posts themselves, but they need a nudge in the right direction, a helping hand to guide them along the way and someone to say – ‘it’s okay, you’re doing a great job.’

That’s why I decided to start offering my Content Planning Power Hour – because I’m on a mission to help fellow small business owners spread your magic online by making content planning less stressful and less time-consuming, so you can spend less time on your phone and more time doing the things you love.


Want to find out more?


Come and join The Content Planning Wizards Facebook group.

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