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'Since my Content Planning Power Hour with Amy, I've already planned all of next month
- I'm literally gobsmacked!

She was super-easy to talk to and, even though my business isn’t her field of expertise, she was able to pull the right answers out of me. 

We then came up with a really good, not over-complicated plan.

To think I won't be scraping around for ideas next month is fabulous!'
Nicole Beeby-Oliver
Mon Beaute


The Content Planning Power Hour

A 60-minute call with the Wizard to discuss your social media strategy in depth and brainstorm content ideas to increase your following, engagement and leads.

This best-selling service is for you if you want to create your own content, but need help building a consistent online presence to help you become the 'go-to' person in your field.


Read on to find out more, or...

How to make creating content for your social media easier and increase your engagement and sales without having to spend loads of time glued to your phone...

The problem with social media, is that you make this face
when you know you need to post.

You see it as a chore.

You see it as a waste of time.

You know social media is a long game of building relationships and growing an audience... 

But it doesn't happen fast enough to justify investing so much time on it.

When you feel like this, you can't be creative, you can't think outside the box and you can't come across as fun - because you're not finding it fun.


And if you're not finding it fun, how can you expect your audience to find it fun and feel compelled to hit that Like button?

I know this is the main reason so many people are inconsistent with their posts and not getting the best results out of their content. 

AND I know I can help.

How much time do you spend on social media every month?

Is it waaaaaaaay too much?
Are you tired of wasting hours trying to figure out what to post?
Have you ever felt disappointed when a post you love got no engagement?
Do you find yourself posting ‘every once in a while’ because you haven’t got the time yo show up more often?
Are you missing out on precious family time because you’re spending too long on your phone?
Would you love to learn more about how to make social media get the results you need for your business?
The Content Planning Wizard can help you with all of these things with the best-selling Content Planning Power Hour!

'As someone who hates social media, but sees its value,
my Content Planning Power Hour with Amy gave me clarity and focus.

I was so inspired, I now have enough motivational quotes prepared for about a year.
I was even inspired to do a live!'
Helen Willoughby
Bytchmix Cocktails


The Content Power Hour is a 60-minute call to discuss your social media strategy in detail and brainstorm future content.

During a 1-2-1 Zoom session, we will delve deep into your social media strategy and make it fit for purpose, so planning your content is faster, easier and less stressful for you.


  • Review your social media pages using the Social Media Audit I carry out before we speak. This will ensure your profile is clear, easy to navigate and funnelling the correct people through to your group or site (worth £47)

  • Review your content from the previous 12 months to provide an in-depth look at what changes can be made going forward. This also provides suggestions for popular posts to be reused and how they can be repurposed to create even more engaging posts (worth £97).

  • Clarify your business and social media goals to ensure you are sharing a consistent message. This will make it clear to your audience how you can help them and why they should buy from you (part of the Content Planning Workshop, worth £47).

  • Define your ideal client so that your tone of voice and the stories you share will attract the perfect customers for your product or service (part of the Content Planning Workshop, worth £47).

  • Decide which product or service you will promote to that audience, helping them see you become the 'go-to' expert for that thing (part of the Content Planning Workshop, worth £47).

  • Brainstorm content ideas for you to share, looking at important dates for your business, your chosen product or service, national awareness days and recurring themes. We'll also look at your ideal client and anticipate what they will be talking about (part of the Content Planning Workshop, worth £47).

  • Share any worries you have about social media and we will overcome them, together. Whatever problems you are facing, I will be able to help you solve them and stop them preventing you from showing up for your audience (Troubleshooter session, worth £50).

  • Create an initial content strategy that you can use for your posts going forward, using the Content Planning Spellbook (worth £17). This will give you a clear idea of what you want to post in the future, allowing you to go away and post on social media with confidence that you'll see engagement increase.

  • Accountability follow-up, via WhatsApp or 30-minute catch-up call, one month later to see how you are getting on and allow you to ask any questions that have come up.

'My Content Planning Power Hour with Amy really helped and gave me a boost to post on my profile.'

Jan Ockendon
Clear Space Therapy and Coaching


It's time to wave a wand over your social media pages...

My mission is to save you time and grow your confidence when it comes to creating content, I know I can make a huge difference to your business.

So, let's get it booked in!

Hit the link below to find a date and time that suits you.

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