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This is for you if you have a specific problem, platform, or worry that is holding you back from posting online.


Perhaps you aren't sure who you're writing your content for, or what platform you should be focusing on?


Maybe you find you face a block when it comes to writing posts, or you're struggling to get engagement in your group?


All of the problems my clients face are something I have worked through in the past and so I've been able to help them find a solution.


Now I want to do the same for you!


Together, we will overcome the issues you face and wave a wand over your social media pages. 


Once you have purchased this service, The Wizard will be in touch to arrange a mutually suitable time for the chat, which will take place via Zoom.


You'll also be given direct access to The Wizard ahead of your call, to share you issues via Voxer, so you can get to the crux of the issue and ensure you make the most of your time together.


This is a condensed version of my popular Power Hour call, where we delve more deeply into your social media strategy to come up with an overall plan for your social media.


If you'd prefer to book for that service, there is more information available here

Social Media Troubleshooter

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