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Social Media Content Planning
For Mums In Business


Woman with Firecracker

Sam Martin
The Connected Coach

‘The Content Planning Power Hour made me think about what I’m doing and what I have to offer on social media.’

Confident Woman

Jan Robinson
Clear Space Therapy & Coaching

‘The Power Hour with you really helped and gave me the boost to post on my profile.’

Liat Ken Dor
Designed Memories

​‘I like your idea for themes, it will help my content so much.’

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Hannah Hagon
Unplugged Tots

‘I love the fact that it feels like you've got my back. If I need a little boost or a content idea, your group is my first port of call. I've had to get out of my own way and not perfect everything, so it's been a bit of a mindset shift but, I'm so pleased I did it. I've got content scheduled up until February with more I can add prepared in a spreadsheet. You've helped massively by popping into my news feed to remind me to do bits, so thank you.’

Portrait of Young Woman

Katherine Pope
Fat Crow Photography

‘I’ve looked through your plan and am so excited, this is exactly how I need to see things. You've already done a great job of getting my social enthusiasm back… it is worth every penny to me!’

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