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How would you like to become one of my 'candidates' and be given a series of tasks to complete – just like in the BBC One Series, 'The Apprentice'?


The reality series shows us a cut-throat world, where you have to stand out and get noticed if you don’t want to get sent home – and social media is no different!

But I believe we can make creating content for our businesses more fun and these tasks are designed to help you get more creative, instead of being scared of ‘getting the chop’ from your followers’ timelines.

This is why I've created this toolkit, which includes:


  • Editable PDF document for you to use digitally or print off and complete
  • 12 tasks that mirror The Apprentice but have been designed to support YOU
  • Suggested order to complete the tasks for optimum success
  • Tips from me to help you complete each task
  • An opportunity to book a free 30-minute call with me 


Instead of competing against other business owners and risking hearing the words ‘You’re Fired’ after every task, you'll get inspiration for content ideas and learn new skills you can apply to the marketing of your business, along with tips from me to make the posts a real success and examples of what similar content other businesses have created.

The tasks on the show are, of course, completed in random order and I'm not sure that's going to achieve the best results for you, so I'll also be sharing a process for you to follow that I know will transform your pages and increase your engagement.


Finally, once you've received this toolkit you'll receive two follow-up emails to see how you're getting on and over some accountability to ensure you get the work done.


PLUS you'll have the opportunity to book a free 30-minute mini-strategy call with me, giving you the chance to ask any questions and get my help applying the tasks directly to your business.


I know completing 12 tasks feels like a big job, but they are designed to fit in with the content planning and strategy you are already doing business.


Plus, with the help of the toolkit you'll be able to take them at your own pace. they'll just help you create some extra magic for your business!

The Wizard's Apprentice - Toolkit

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