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Transform your mood from miserable to magical with the Content Power Boost.


  • Create clear, consistent messaging for your audience
  • Get more leads from social media
  • Waste less time creating content that doesn't get engagement



And what does all that mean?


You'll be able to spend more time on areas of your business that make more money


In this 45-minute training video, I'll talk you through 5 easy-to-follow tasks that will turn content creation from a dreaded chore to something you KNOW is going to help your business grow.


I'll share the exact processes that have helped me grow my audience and engagement for my own business as well as my clients' over the past 5 years.


At the end of this video you will have:


  • Nailed your content strategy with my 3-step magic potion that has created excellent results for many of my clients
  • Reviewed your profile, pages and groups to help you spread your own magic online
  • Learned how planning your content can transform your results and save you time overall
  • Discovered how to use current social media trends like Reels to give your content a boost
  • And made your campaigns super personal, by creating a strategy for direct outreach to potential clients


The video comes with a free workbook to help you complete the tasks and reuse the information every time you create content.


Plus, those who purchase this video will have free access to my popular Content Planning Trello Board (worth £17) - another game changer for content planning!


This video is on sale at a pre-launch price of £27 for the first 48 hours, so until 8 pm on Wednesday 21st September.


At that time, it will be launched publicly and made available to the first ten people who purchase at £37.


After that, it will be available to download from my website at the full price of £47.


The Content Power Boost Video

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