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Are you frustrated with spending hours creating content for your social media but not getting the leads you need from your posts?


Have you been 'winging it', by posting when you have the time and, as a result, find you're lacking consistency on your pages?


Do you wish you could have the guidance and creativity of the Content Wizard to give you incredible visibility ahead of that new service you're launching or event you'r running?


The Content Planning Session is just what you need.


During this 1-2-1 session, we will:


  • Take a look at your business goals and how social media can support them
  • Nail your message so, you can be consistent in your posts
  • Map out the client pathway, from follower to buying from you
  • Brainstorm content ideas together, so you don't feel pressured to do this alone
  • Create a structure for your posts to help build up to a launch or special event (I will do the first draft ahead of the call so we can work through that together)
  • Plan 3 – 5 posts per week for 4 – 6 weeks on your main platform
  • Discuss how those can be repurposed to other platforms and for future content


And I will:


  • Carry out a mini audit of your pages before our meeting (worth £47)
  • Create a review of your content from the past 12 months (worth £97)
  • Write all our notes into your very own Content Planning Spellbook provided via Google Sheets or Trello (worth £27)
  • Follow up with you one week later to make sure you are still feeling confident


This service is perfect for you if you'd like direct, bespoke content planning support for your business. It is a development of the popular Group Planning Sessions (worth £77) and offers great value as well as my undivided attention!


(For small business owners based in West or South Yorkshire, this service is also available in-person.)


*Please note, this service does not include the actual posts being written for you - but this is something I can provide. I invite you to email for more details on this.

Content Planning Session

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