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Transform Your Brillant Blog into Social Media Magic! 


Are you tired of spending countless hours brainstorming and creating social media content to keep your audience engaged?


Imagine if you could effortlessly repurpose those blogs you love writing into spell-binding social media posts, saving time and boosting your online presence.


🌟 Introducing My Blog-to-Social Media Repurposing Service! 🌟


✨ Unleash the Power of Your Blog: Harness the potential of your existing blog content! I will carefully curate and transform your insightful blog posts into captivating social media snippets that resonate with your online army.


✨ Save Time, Maximize Impact: Say goodbye to the stress of creating daily social media content. I'll make that process so much easier, turning your valuable blog insights into a vault of eye-catching posts. 


✨ Diverse Content Formats: From attention-grabbing graphics to passionate personal stories, I'll create at least 5 social media post that you can use on your platforms to share your message and drive people to your blog. 


✨ Boost Your Connections: With the posts I provide you'll be able to show up consistently and make a deeper connection with your audience. As your engagement your relationships with potential clients. 


🌟What does the Blog-to-Social Media Repurposing Service include?


✨ The copy for at least 5 social media posts for use on any platform 

✨ Graphics to accompany the posts where appropriate
✨ Recommended hashtags to use on the posts

✨ A copy of my monthly Content Planner to help you decide when to schedule them


Please note, this service does not include Reels, but this is provided in my full package.


🌟What will be required from you for this service to be made available?


✨ A link to the blog you wish me to work with

✨ A link to your social media pages

✨ Details of any brand guidelines you have: e.g. colours and fonts




By the way...


If you are committed to publishing posts regularly, a recurring version of this service is available at a discounted rate - just pop me an email on if you'd like to know more.


You may also like to consider my Blog Planning Power Hour for more in-depth support with your writing and how it can work in tandem with your social media.


Give your blog the attention it deserves and get more eyes on your business by sharing engaging and exciting posts on your social media.


I look forward to making this magic happen for you!

Blog-to-Social Media Repurposing Service

£97.00 Regular Price
£48.50Sale Price
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