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Wave a wand over your social media with a review of all the content you have shared for the last 12 months.


I am going to help you make magic happen through your pages, by taking a look back at all the posts you've shared and providing a report on which ones have received the best reception.


From that, I will be able to make suggestions for how you can use those to create more great content and get the best results from your social media in the future.


This service includes:


  • A summary of your Insights from the last 12 month, this will cover Reach, Engagement, Profile Visits and Follower Numbers.
  • The top 10 posts from the whole year (based on Reach).
  • The top 3 posts from each month.
  • My recommendations on how you can reuse and repurpose that content to create consistent messaging and engaging posts going forward.


This work will provide the perfect head start for creating monthly content plans that focus on providing value that you know your online army wants and needs.


All I need from you is to be made temporary admin via Meta Business Suite (details can be provided on how to do this).


If you would like to use Trello to plan your social media content, the option is available for me to provide this information via that platform to make it easier for you!


This product would be perfectly matched with my popular Social Media Audit, which can be ordered here.

12 Month Content Review

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