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Conjure up a clear and consistent content plan for the whole of the summer... 🧙‍♂️

So, you can enjoy more time with making magical memories with your family.

A 2-hour group training and workshop session where we will:
- Create a strategy for your posts in November and December

- Brainstorm magical ideas that will stand out during this extremely busy period online

- Map out exactly what you’ll be sharing every day in the build-up to Christmas

- So you have more time to focus on hitting your Q4 goals and getting ready for 2023

Christmas Content Cauldron.png

How to create a magical content plan for November and December to increase engagement and nurture relationships with your audience, so they're dying to work with you in 2023.

😩 Does the thought of December bring to mind images of you as a headless chicken, running around trying to look after your business, home and all the demands from school?

😩 Do you want to be able to take the pressure off posting every day, but want to keep growing momentum with your audience?

😩 Have you noticed things go quiet during December in the past, no engagement or reach on your posts?

😩 Are you desperate for an expert to show you how to make planning content for 8 whole weeks less stressful and less time-consuming? 


✨ I am so excited to launch the latest of my popular Content Planning services:


The Christmas Content Cauldron✨

It's a two-hour, pre-recorded, planning video to share my secrets behind planning a successful Christmas campaign


You'll be learning:

  • How to use Insights to create content you know your clients will engage with

  • How social media can help you smash your business goals for the final months of the year

  • How to create a content plan that has structure and consistency, so it attracts and helps your clients

  • How to think outside the box and really have fun with your content, which your clients will enjoy too

You'll also receive:

  • A workbook to help you through the exercises and create your Christmas Content Plan

  • Monthly planners for November and December, complete with awareness days (worth £7 each)

  • A free 15-minute call with me to ask questions

My monthly Content Workshop which covers just one month of content is £27.

But you'll be getting all of this great value and support for just £37.


So, order your copy now and start getting ready for the relaxing Christmas you deserve.


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